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Eagleton is not just about golf. The Residential Area .

The residential area, consisting of various blocks with villas, the county, the streets lined with trees and the open spaces is beautiful and a relief for the sore eyes. Many nice bungalows and villas both in colonial and modern styles have come up. 
While I plan to continue my blogs posting pictures of birds and beautiful trees and plants, contributed by the residents, I pause to wonder how it would be in the future. It is sure that gradually the open spaces will be filled up. 
There are guidelines for the buildings. More than that Mr. Ashok Meda, the visionary founder, initiated the pattern for us to follow. Imposing tall trees and flowering plants are already seen lined along the roads. Each individual site have at least two trees in the front and a few more within. It is true a few trees have not grown or have fallen down due to some reason. I hope the owners, whatever style they build in the future, will make place for trees and plants. Even add to the ones provided by the found…

Eagleton is not just about golf. Precious moments captured.

These pictures were shared in our WhatsApp Social group. The moments are precious as it acknowledges the effort that has gone into creating a garden and  nurturing a flowering plant. There is pride and love of beauty as we try to capture the moment. There are a few pictures of birds perching on trees. Often we hear them chirping, to see them is indeed pleasure. 

My thanks to all who shared their moments and look forward to more pictures. I have to find names of the flowers or plants. May be I will ask you to name them to enable me to add it to the blog later.
I have used the WhatsApp names for the contributors. I have credited each picture or group of pictures with their names. There may be some errors and as while transferring them the sequence was a bit lost. Please correct me.

These pictures are from Paddy.

These are from Cheryl Balfour

Eagleton is not just about golf. Know the birds which reside or visit Eagleton

I saw and wrote excitedly about a bird which flew into our garden. Common around here in Eagleton, it is known as Bhradwaj in Marathi orcrow pheasant or coucal. Keen to learn more, I requested Pervez, a resident, a keen bird watcher and photographer to share hisgyan about birds in and around Eagleton which he kindly did. He shared pictures on birds and loaned me the book, "The Book of Indian Birds" by Salim Ali. I have added brief notes he wrote on the birds and have also borrowed from the book.

Our foliage; the shrubs, tall grass and fruit trees, is the main reason these birds made Eagleton their home or to migrate here during winters. The birds were here before us, and are a treasure. It is my fervent hope that Eagleton, as more houses come up, will ensure that its rare beauty is retained, and it will continue to be eco-friendly. I am inspired by Singapore which after unbridled growth has now realised that birds must come back to the city and are working to make it happen.