More on 'Local' contribution to Indian Music

Nidhi, Great job in depicting what we all felt. Cheers. Khalid ( Thanks Khalid!)
I sent my blog, a pretty long one, across to friends hoping they would read and like it. I had said,
'This one was different, It was by the Amateurs who live in Bkk. Those of you who missed it can read about it! And those who were there would love, I hope, to read all about it!'
Many responded and I think it is worth quoting the comments many friends made. Thanks again for all the nice comments about the blog. I am happy to have struck a chord in all of you and feel very encouraged! I am sure all the artists will love what Chitra said about the program.

Thanks for sending me the blog on the musical function we had the other day. What can i say other than...its been a long time since i have enjoyed something like this! All kudos to tara and the other ladies who organised and ran the programme to perfection. As i have lived outside of india for the last 28 yrs it has been difficult for me to see a programme like this, much less the fact that it was so varied and perfectly showcased the diversity and rich heritage of our country. I enjoyed the various styles from the different parts of india and each one of the ladies did an exemplary job of singing their particular song . The presentation in the background was good as it brought the whole thing together and the children of NIST have to be congratulated. I was truly proud to be indian and the ultimate culmination for me that day was that i got to sing our national anthem!.. which i have not done in a long time! Thank God the words came back to me as i joined the others in proclaiming our unity in spite of the awful and often uselessly violent world that we now live in. Thanks once again and keep on doing this!! chitra.

Wonderful to get this!! I lapped it all up!!
Delighted to know that BKK is as bright, vibrant and dynamic as ever!!
Keep up the great work and stay in touch.
Ashok Sajjanhar
Ambassador,Embassy of India, AlmatyKazakhstan

Thanks for the blog. Reading it gives us a feeling of being there at least in spirit during this great event: How I wish we were there in person to enjoy the moment. I hope that the entire program was recorded for the listening pleasure of all those that are far far away and could not be there and I hope you took many pictures which would be great if posted on your blog as well. With a big hearty CONGRATULATIONS for a successful event. Ram, USA. (I am planning to add the pictures once I receive them from friends. My computer was down all this while as well.) sounds amazing... is there a video?? Priya

Hi Nidhi, You have really brought that evening to life in your blog. Any encores for the evening in the offing? Sethu ( Hope so Sethu, will keep you posted!)

CONGRATULATIONS: we feel that programe must be filmed, must be shown as documentary on indian cinemas. GOD bless you with many more achievements meera/avinash

Good to hear that the Indian society at Bangkok is pretty well integrated. Sriram(from Chicago USA.)

thanks for writing about the concert, uncle. i enjoyed reading about it and i wish i could've been there. congratulations, aunty! sounds like an amazing event that you organized. i hope i too get to hear you sing someday! love, shipra

Read about yr pgme. Sounded great. Tara must have worked hard to put it together.
Have you recorded it? If so get the CD along when you are here next. Congrats Raghu

Dear Tara aunty,
Congrats!!! I read about it and i feel very happy for all my friends in Bkk. U r all very dedicated and my best wishes for future programmes.

Heartiest CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU. You are doing a great job in BKK. regards Prakash & Neema

Hearty congratulations. Tara , you are doing a wonderful job. I'm am sure we will be able to see the video script of the entire programme. Thanks for the blog. With regards, yours, Satyavathi, kittu.


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