Nikhila Nandagopal. Our 'rear-window' celebrity! Top FIVE in Femina Miss India 2014 contest

One day when Nikhila is not too busy I hope she will appear for a picture!

The other day I  heard Tara call me, 'Nidhi come and see who is here!' I stepped out and was pleasantly surprised to see a very pretty girl with a radiant smile. I said to myself, 'I have seen her recently on TV! And before my grey cells could connect , Tara added triumphantly 'Nikhila! She was in the TOP 5 at the Miss Femina India contest 2014'

Yes, Tara and I had watched the recent Miss India 2014 contest. And we had experienced a tension, which obviously is nothing to what her parents and the many involved with her contest were facing. I also noticed that as the final two were waiting for the winner to be announced that Nikhila looked relaxed and appeared as if she was sure of the result! I had wondered about it and asked her. She smiled and said. 'When it came to that point, I knew that Koyal Rana would be the choice!'

She seemed to have taken the result well, and said she enjoyed the experience and learned a lot!
In fact, her father said that she was busy consoling others who cried in disappointment!

My first memory of Nikhila was when we dropped in at our neighbors, her parents Aruna and Nandu. Nikhila joined us later and I noticed that she had a very bright smile and friendly eyes. She would be around 14 then and she responded to us in a very pleasant manner.

Occasionally I would see her as she waited for her school bus in front of our house and she would be totally in her own world. Sometimes I could hear western music from the rear window. Never loud but I guess they were her favorite numbers as they were often repeated. Don't ask me what they were!

The rest of Nikhila I know is what I hear from Tara. She would suddenly tell me,  'Nikhila is going to US for her studies'. Then later say, 'No they decided that she would go after her 12th'. Or I would hear, 'You know she is a model now and is very busy.  The well known Prasad Biddappa is mentoring  her'.

One day Tara told me, 'Nikhila will soon be busy as an actor! It seems she will do a play along with Girish Karnad!' That made me sit up. We all admire Girish Karnad for the many contributions he has made to literature, drama and movies.

The latest news is that she is on her way to the US to do a double major in Physics and Business Management at Umass AMHERST. Tara speaking about Nikhila, as a teacher and a well-wisher, said 'It is impressive that she has developed a good balance between her academic pursuits and her modeling career. She as an IB student has managed her time well by completing her rigorous assignments sincerely.'

Nikhila, just eighteen, is a celebrity now. She is lucky to have such supportive parents. Aruna is a very senior H. R. Director in IBM India and Nandu is a senior advocate in Bangalore.

We are proud of Nikhila and it can be confidently predicted that with the genes she has inherited, she would be a great and the prettiest physicist or an astute business manager or be on top of whatever she chooses to be. We wish her all the best!

Recently I came across an interview with Nikhila which I feel is a must read!
It is very well written! Or shoud I say good questions and great replies! It has brought the essence of her personality and has great pictures as well.

 A few out of the hundreds of pictures on the web. We get a glimpse of her versatility.
One of her early fashion shows! Her future is a great deal  clearer!
"Nikhila has catapulted barriers from being a girl next door to a vogue supermodel looks. Given her talent and sophistication she is ready to explode bombastically at the finally with her panache. And thats not all, she is rightfully a woman of substance with astuteness- what a deadly combination!. She may be mistaken as a demure beauty but once on stage, you can see all her inhibition has metamorphose into poised yet spirited lady who is ready to take over the world. Her conduct is so endearing that its fascinating to see her offering something new every time. Yet one can get glimpse her signature simplicity. And thats her USP. A very eloquent lady who has powerful opinion to reach out to general mass with conviction. She would do well at any competition."

She is one of theTop FIve

"I just realised that in exactly one month, I would have landed in the United States to start my next adventure in college. Can't wait to get back to my books!" 


T A Ramaswamy said…
The story you both have put together is amazing, these young kids are achieving so much so early in life, the one thing I keep praying for them is to keep their heads on their shoulders... I am sure Nikhila will do very well and our best wishes and prayers will be with her!


N N Sachitanand said…
If she had not decided to push off to the US she would have certainly been snared by
Srihari said…
Thank you for sharing. Nice smiling face to energise all.
Dr. S S Badrinath, Shankara Nethralaya said…
Dear Tara,

Very enjoyable piece. Request that you share this with me elder son Seshu at As a photographer he certainly would enjoy the pictures.
Chitra Prakash said…
Dear Tara and Srinidhi
Great to see the achievements of young girl Nikhila. Wish to meet her sometime. All the best for her future endeavors.
Geetha Ramaswami said…
Dear Tara n Srinidhi, it is a clear case of beauty n brains!
It was awesome to read about Nikhila. When a girl next door makes it big we are really proud of the achievement. We really wish her well. God bless her to reach greater heights to serve humanity. Geetha.
Vatsala Raghuanth said…
Tara and Nidhi
It was good to read about Nikhila Nandgopal and we feel proud when people achieve fame and sucess on their own merit Regards to u both--Vatsala
Srikanth Rao said…
Thank you very much for sharing. She loks very cute. I wish her all the best.
Thank you and regards,
Anantharam said…
Nice to have such a good neighbour!
Esha Gangolli said…
I will be in her new neighborhood and will be happy to help if she needs it.

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