An awesome fun wedding with a message.

It was not a destination wedding,  a traditional  Eco-friendly one!

The bridegroom Siddharth is my golf buddy Bharath's son! 
Who doesn't know his mother Meenakshi ? :-).

Siddharth is in the fourth year of a PhD program in Ecology at the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA

Janani Eswar, the bride, a social entrepreneur, connecting children and young adults to nature in Bangalore, is the daughter of Radha and Krish Murali Eswar also from Bengaluru.

The wedding was a visual delight with a lot of thought bestowed on every detail. Importantly it was mother-earth friendly. It was performed in a heritage building 'Villa Pottipati' situated in Malleswaram. As space was a constraint smaller group of friends and relatives were invited for different functions in this lovely tree covered garden of the 19th century Villa.

A letter from the couple tells us why this wedding is so special.
Day one morning:
  • Madhavan shastru: 
Traditional Hebbar Iyengar Mangalsutra

Ancestral home of the groom's family.

Chappara-pooja (The pendal.)

Madavan shastru performed by Vidya Mami, in green sari.

Oil being applied for the oil-bath.

Aarti being done

The paternal grandparents photo in the pooja room.

Kannika explaining our traditions to the foreign friends

Sisterly ministrations

Gifts without any packing being handed over 

Bharath traps Meenakshi in a plastic bag!!!!

Cousins galore

The whole family -The Rukmavilas clan

Food all served in reusables
  • Bhajan at the Villa Pottu pati between 530-630 pm
The heritage home now a Neemrana hotel

Lighting the lamp

Fish design Backdrop made out of waste materials

The siblings together
Bhajans sung by Pammi and Manjula

Accompanying the bhajan
Wonder why he is tidying up this chair?

For a vantage seat for his girl!

what tickled them? 
Pleasantries with the sambandhis

Sisters immersed in the bhajan

all smiles

the brides parents relaxed

Kamala Pati the grandmother -continuing the tradition 

Another Pati from the brides side

A great setting with tall trees, chairs stylishly covered with cloth

Sugar cane juice served in glass glasses

Kitchu Tata with all the younger generation

The rukmavilas clan again

A wonderful activity -jigsaw puzzle for all the 4 to do.

Ramakanth who soldiers on for a clean eco-friendly events

Bharath's father's side family

The wedding day!
Labour of love for his own wedding!

Kannika coming in through the gate

The musicians-divine music

Grandparents entering

Hand woven vesti (dhoti)

Krish Murali Eswar -Father of the bride 
Vasundhara Das a cousin 

Vidwan Radha krishna conducting the wedding

Sisters Aditi and Janani share the wedding day too

Happy to see the son getting married


Tying the mangalsutra

Tara invoking blessings for the couple by singing Sanskrit slokas

Bending down to put the toe rings

MLA Malleswaram Dr C N Ashwath Narayan  ( in the white shirt) graced the occasion.

Natures beauty  with sunshine thru green trees

Some fun pictures from Bangalore Club


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