Tata (B. Garudachar) completes 90 years!

Tata turned '90' on the 18th oct 2006 as per Nakshatra (star) and on the 23rd by calendar. He did not want a party to celebrate the event. Preferred to make a pilgrimage to his 'Maneydevaru' at Bindingnavale.

Siddharth represented the new generation of great grandchildren and I suppose Jayanthi the grandchildren!

The group was small, we missed Shakku and Ram. Obviously all of us missed Pati.

"90th birthday is definitely a huge milestone, trust he is in good health and cheer. I am still trying to find out how the "Bindingnavale" spelling with the second 'n' came about, as opposed to "Bindiganavale" - I have seen the former with the family of my cousin Sridhar's wife, the two brothers Sridhar and Srinivas here in Chicago (I think they are the children of BK Garudachar), and some others. BVS family uses the latter, I think. Wasn't there also a family who split the name into two, one using the Bindiga last name and the other Navale? Any clues as to what the original Kannada word could be - Bindigana Olay, perhaps? Regards, --Sriram"

Sriram's query was anticipated by Mr. Narayanswamy, a friend and scholar, who came along with us and is totally active with the temple activities. As he spoke about the place and the temple, Narayanaswamy said it was known as 'Bindiga Navile'. Bindiga meant hills as the place is at a slightly higher altitude and the surroundings were full of Peacocks (Navile)! The temple is at least 1000 years old and inscriptions on stone takes the place back in history for another sixhundred years.The vaishava cult was very prominent around six centuury A.D.

The Garuda (Vahana of Vishnu)image is made out of wood, the present one is out of sandalwood and is a few hundred years old.

We were a little delayed due to traffic, thanks to Narayanswamy the priests waited for us. As we entered we saw the image of Lord Chennakeshava coated in turmeric powder, part of the Abhisheka. As soon as we had a darshan, a screen was drawn. When the screen was moved again to one side we could view the Lord coated in oil. The screen was drawn again before I could take a picture. The rest of the Pooja was impressive and a very artistic ritual. Finally his image fully is adorned in fine clothes, jewellary and flowers.

Tata was honored with a shawl, the priest tied it around his head, a recognition given to the head of the family.

We had a nice and simple lunch, rested for a while at Narayanswamy's house near the temple. Were on our way back to Bangalore after a nice cup of coffee, courtsey Narayanswamy.


Vinny said…

I just came across this blog when I conducted a search with our family name. I am not sure if there is any relation but my father's name is BindingNavale (B.N.) Rangaraj. He moved from Bangalore to the States in 1970. At anyrate, I just thought I would send a note and see if there is a connection.

Satvik Rangaraj

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